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Brake Fluid Leak - Pedal issues

The pressure on the brake pedal changed to a very short stroke - no spongy feeling when pushed all the way down. I checked the master cylinder - there was no visible leak near cylinder or on the ground - the level of the front and rear cylinder alternate losing fluid. After I refill the brake pedal feels normal for some time. Any suggestions ? thanks

Year? Mileage?? When Masters leak, the fluid goes into the booster (power brakes) or runs down under the drivers floor mat…

Hello – Jeep Wrangler 1993 with 73K miles - i have not noticed anything inside the car

I am also loosing clutch fluid – I have a new master clutch cylinder – which is not leaking - but the clutch fluid is leaking quickly after I refill - -every 3 days

Are the two systems connected ? For the clutch - there is a cylinder in the bell housing – but no signs of leak

Two completely separate problems…For sure, something is leaking. With power brakes, the fluid leaks into the brake vacuum booster and quickly destroys that part too…

Time for a COMPLETE brake inspection, from one end to the other…The rear wheel cylinders, the calipers, the hard lines, the flex lines…And you might as well replace the slave clutch cylinder while you are at it…

Am I to understand correctly that you’re slowly losing brake fluid? Has anyone looked at the brake cylinders at the wheels for signs of leakage?