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Can new brake fluid be in olive green colour?

i recently checked my brake fluid and it looked dark in color and i had it flushed today. came home and checked, it still look same (dark) from outside. then i lifted the filter up and checked, now it looks light olive green colour. from internet i learnt that new fluid could be either amber or color less. but mine is green. did my mechanic really changed the fluid or he just charged me without doing the job? CAN NEW BRAKE FLUID BE IN OLIVE GREEN COLOUR?

To be sure give a call to a auto parts store and ask if any of their brake fluids are olive green in color when new. I am not ready to say no yet.

ATE makes blue colored fluid. It helps with visualize flushing brake fluid. Its used for hi-performance and racing applications. It might be what’s in there, blue and amber might make green? I am stretching here, but it might be the reason. By all means, check with the mechanic!


EDIT: After re-reading your post, I would bet they just bleed the brakes and topped it off.