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Green tinted brake fluid

I have an 01 International 4700 that has had some brake issues recently. I had pads and rotors installed on all 4 sides as well as remanufactered calipers put on the front due to 1 sticking. It continued to pull after 2 more calipers on 1 side and 1 more on the other. the last pair were new from the dealership. There was also a recall addressed before I had the new ones installed that was for the ABS module. When they replaced the remaned with the new one they advised me that my brake fluid was green and needed to be flushed. Ok. So of course it didnt pull on their test drive but after driving for a bit it started again(a jerk on the wheel in one direction then it pulls the other way). So I replaced the other remaned caliper with a brand new one today(the other side was done 2 days ago) and when I went to bleed it the fluid came out GREEN AGAIN!!! It is lighter than what the dealership had “flushed” according to the samples that I am staring at. It uses standard old DOT3 fluid. Anyone have any thoughts aside that this post is clearly way too long?

Well, St. Patrick’s day IS coming up…

It sounds like they didn’t do a very good job of flushing the fluid, or something is continuing to contaminate the system. I can’t imagine why it would be green. It sounds like some sort of chemical interaction with metals in the system.

I wouldn’t worry about the green tint to the fluid. That’s normal and it actually takes a long time of flushing to get the fluid to run completely clear. If you just put yourself on a schedule for replacing the brake fluid then I wouldn’t worry too much about the fluid.

What you want to worry about is the pulling when you brake. You probably need to replace the flexible brake lines ate each wheel. Most likely in the front but at this age just do it. When they get old and weak the apply pressure can balloon out the walls rather than operating the caliper. The interiors can also break down and impede fluid flow in one manner or another.

So I did forget to mention that I replaced the rubber brake hose at the side that it wasnt pullin to and it had no affect.

Brass corrosion is green.

Cruise for a mile or two then coast down, using the brakes as little as possible.
Feel if one wheel (or brake part) is warmer than the other.

The pull could be a worn suspension part.

My last fluid was green to begin with or I’m wrong again.