Can my dog fit in Ford Fiesta

Hi, I just need some information about the Ford Fiesta. I have own a
standard size Berneoodle, and looking for a good car to go for trip
with my dog. I am planning to buy Ford Fiesta, but I am little confused
as I really don’t know if my standard bernedoodle will fit in this size or not.
Please help me if any Ford Fiesta owner here.

From the link you provided,

110 lbs is a pretty big dog, might fit in the back seat if it’s a 4 door.

Don’t forget the harness and strap to buckle him in, don’t want 45 to 110 lbs flying around in an accident.


Probably but they’re going to have a hard time reaching the gas pedal. :slightly_smiling_face:

But more seriously, my 100 lb dog is quite fine riding shotgun during short trips (15-30 minutes) in a small 2 door BUT anything longer requires enough space for him to lay down or stretch…
The only way to find out how your dog reacts would be to rent a similar car for a test drive.

The chance that someone who has Ford Fiesta ( I do ) seeing this and also having a large dog are really low. Why this person does not look at a vehicle with the dog is beyond me . I would imagine he has taken the dog with him in the current veihicle or in the past so he should know how much space he needs .

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Bring the dog with you when you look at the car. I’ve seen it done. I bring 2 sets of golf clubs to ensure they’ll fit.

If the Clubs don’t fit, then I don’t commit.

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Good Grief Mike , that just makes too much sense . You are supposed to go on the web and ask if a ( vehicle name here ) and ask if 2 golf bags will fit . As if anyone one would know if you have one of those bus sized bags like the Pro-caddies carry.


Yep, check if your local CarMax has a Fiesta on the lot and go check it out. You’ll be able to check out a lot of other cars at the same time. Me, I’d go with a used Honda Fit, the rear seat folds up, lots of room for a big dog to just walk on in.

I don’t. I use to some 40 years ago when that’s all that was available. Now I have a very light-weight Sun Mountain bag that carries more then those old leather bags.

Don’t buy a Fiesta!!! Thee are many hatchback models that have tons of room with the backseat down.

I’ve talked about it before so I will not go into people taking their pets for a ride. It’s not something I’m against, it’s how, like letting the little “bow-wow” help steer the car, etc, or hang out the driver’s side window while operating the car. To see How I really feel…

Check out “General Discussion, These people share the road with you, Posting #43

But, as mentioned earlier, do not let Fido ride shotgun, if the airbag goes off, Fido is DEAD. Fido sitting on the front seat is a lot closer to the dash than a person would be and the airbag would blow Fido apart.

My advice, buy a harness for use with a car’s seatbelt and put Fido in the back seat, then Fido can never get out of the car unexpectedly. And never undo the harness until you have put a leash on your wrist and then clipped it to the harness.

After I retired from the Air Force, I have volunteered at two No-Kill Animal Shelters and I’ve heard some pretty heart-breaking stories, that a little common sense could have avoided.

Depends on how comfortable the dog is. Our 42 lb. Australian Cattle Dog mix got along great in my Corolla. Bigger dog/smaller car, Fido will probably get along fine in the back seat.