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Can My Car Pass Emissions

I Have a 2005 Ford Crown Vic I wanted To Know Will My Car Pass Emissions with These Monitors .Every Thing Is Checked Off But The (Cat) & (HCAT & AIR) are Not Available

What type of code reader is this and what do the instructions say this means? Does the X mean FAIL?

If so, yes indeed, this will fail your emission check. No cat, no pass.

That said, is this a cold engine check? Do the instructions say to drive it until the cat is hot? Do that and see if the cat test passes.

Depends on what state you’re in

If you’re in California, your car is NOT ready for the smog inspection. The cat monitor absolutely must be complete

As for AIR and HCAT. . … that circle with the line through it means they doesn’t apply to your car. In other words, you don’t have them. If you did, it would either be a green check mark or a red x

Have you recently replaced a battery or cleared some kind of fault codes?

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I agree with db, depends on your state. In MA they allow for one non-continuous monitor to be not ready. Some states you fail if the MIL is illuminated.

I Live in GA

You need to say what state and possibly county you are in before anyone can answer. In NY outside of the NY City area, you cannot have your check engine light on and all of your systems must be read to read except one, two for a 1996 vehicle.

If that red X means that your cat is ready to read and it is setting your check engine light, you would fail here.
If the red x means that the cat system is not ready to read and the HCAT and AIR systems with the diagonal line symbols meany those systems don’t exist on your car, then you would pass.

Sorry for the the replies I was at work but I am in GWINNETT county,GA