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OBC11 "Cat Not Ready"

2001 Mazda Protege 2.0L

In California, if my OBC11 reader shows, “Cat Not Ready” and all other systems are “Ready” will it pass the smog test for an enhanced area?

In other words, do all systems need to show, “Ready” or am I allowed one or two “Not Ready”?

I do not have CEL on.


I think you should be asking your local smog testers this question.

I’m going to guess it will not pass, but I’m not in CA and I’m just guessing.

Ask the authorities. Don’t trust anyone else’s opinion, including mine.

I did. One place said the tech was not available. The other one didn’t understand my english. Duh!!!

I was hoping there was a California smog expert here that could answer my simple question. Guess not. :frowning:

I went to Pep Boys in Chula Vista, CA and the smog guy said all components must show “Ready”. Is he right or does California DMV allow for one “not ready” component?

Not sure what California allows, but when I lived in NC and had to pass emissions testing you were allowed to have at least one system that was not ready and it may have been two I can’t remember.

My Mazda passed smog with one “Not Ready”. Happy, happy!!!