Can l continue my 4 hour journey with broken stut mount

I hit a pot hole, my stut is hitting the hood. Luckily the hood is stil intact, l can only hear banging noises on uneven road or speed humps. Um currently on a road trip, should l carry on, l am left with 4 hours to reach my destination according to my GPS. I have uploaded the pic of the broken mount below

Stop now and get it fixed. This is the upper attatchment of your suspension… and the steeing … and it is no longer properly attached.

STOP and find a place that can repair it. Sleep in your car or get a motel room if you have to, it is not safe to continue!

I can’t say this enough… Stop driving this car!


Listen to Mustang’s advice. He really does know what he is talking about . I would not drive this thing 1 block if it were mine.


Even though I am as cheap as the day is long, I would get this fixed immediately. I would not drive this car 4 miles, let alone 4 hours, as the risk is too great. You do not want to lose control of your car, especially at freeway speeds–you might not live to reach your destination.


Deleted stupid question.

Edit: I’m going to delete that question. That was really stupid of me. Been a long day I guess and suffering from my flu shot.

The top mount should have 3 bolts. I only see one. Not sure what year this is. I assume spring is still functioning by supporting car so the ride height might be fine. Just no shock function on this corner. End of the world? Probably.

Agreed with all the other posts to get this fixed immediately.

If you’re not going to think about your own safety, think about that of the other drivers on the road.


Add me to the list who insist that you get it fixed before driving anywhere. The car might become difficult to hold in a lane even at 20 mph.

Agreed and not only is safety a huge issue due to the strut (imagine a panic stop too…) it’s quite likely that in 4 hours of driving the tire may not survive and give up on you.
I would think a blown tire at speed with a strut like that would make things real, real dicey on coming to a stop with the roof still pointed up.