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Broken strut mount safe to drive?

So My rear driver side strut mount appears to of rusted out and the middle part of it busted out so when I drive it clunks when going over any bumps even slight ones. I plan to get it fixed soon but I need to drive to college and work would it be safe to drive it for a little while until I have the time frame to have it repaired or is it a serious issue?

Not safe…

Needs to get fixed ASAP. The vehicle is not roadworthy, it’s a serious problem. There are potential liability issues involved here.

If this is the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse that you were given then it is past it’s sell date and needs to be replaced . I doubt if this thing is structurally safe to be on the road.

Not safe to drive. Strut mounts for this car are easy and cheap to replace. It’s a DIY job. Looking at the strut you might find yourself having to replace it as well. If you do, you should replace them on both rears.