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Can I repair my L/F "Upper Control Arm" on my 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-320 Wagon?

In a collision with an on-coming car from the left-front, my L/F tire (wheel) was directly hit-- moving it almost to the wheel well. When any bumps or dips in the road are encountered, the sharp outer edge of the wheel well scrapes the tires outside tread/ sidewall. I’ve been told that I need a new “Upper Control Arm”. Why can’t this been re-straightened? Or can I get a used one from a wrecking yard? Amazingly, the alignment was not affected! I’ve been driving it like this for a year, but it’s time to fix it. What might this cost? Does anyone have any advice? Sincerely, CARL ------

I’d be surprised if that was all you needed. If it bent the control arm, it probably bent the mounting points, and who knows what else. I’d have a trusted shop fix it.

And yes, the alignment certainly WAS effected…Control arms on a '94 Benz are not a DIY project…This is a job for a body shop that is familiar with Benz cars…Don’t be surprised if the damage is more extensive than a single control arm…

driving it for a year in this condition is not safe for you or others on the road. go get a shop to fix this properly. this is not a diy

" I’ve been told that I need a new “Upper Control Arm”."


You have a modified McPherson strut front suspension

You don’t have a left front upper arm

Whoever told you that you need a left front upper arm is either shady or didn’t even look at your car

But you do have a lower control arm . . .

Look at your paperwork again, please

In any case, something is bent . . . spindle, lower control arm, frame, etc.

I find it hard to believe the alignment is not out and have to wonder how that was determined. I would also side with Caddyman about the damage being a bit more extensive than thought.

What about replacing the non-existent upper control arm . . . ?!

Yes, the alignment has been affected. Unless the car was designed with a wheel that scrapes the fender and has been that way from the day it was new, your alignment has been affected.

@db4690 Not to argue but an upper control link is listed at Rockauto. Its not like a regular control arm but a rod. Its only a $30 part. No idea how its connected but surely more than that little part was damaged to shift the wheel back like that.

Edit: Never mind. Its for the rear.


I just looked . . . those links are for the REAR suspension

Trust me, please . . . this car has no left front upper control arm

Even though rockauto does not specifically say those links are for the rear, they are

I’m telling you this, because I’m very familiar with OP’s car

Either there was a verbal misunderstanding, or the shop has no idea what kind of suspension setup the car actually has

I agree that the car is definitely tweaked

Most likely the front lower control arm is bent, and quite possibly the knuckle and cradle . . . which is not removable on this car

@db4690 Sure looks like you’re right. I thought I saw front this afternoon but that’s why I’m not a mechanic.