Can I predict failure on 2014 Ford Mustang fuel pump?

What is the typical failure miles for fuel pump, water pump, and alternator on the V6 automatic?

Dan, there is no set mileage for either one. Some go a long time and just like all mechanical things some don’t.

Agree with @VOLVO_V70. No set time. really, it depends a lot on how you operate and maintain the car.

Cheap gasoline, car sits for months on end, running out or very low on fuel a lot will all shorten the life of a fuel pump. Coolant changes at the proper interval will help prolong a water pump’s life. The alternator life depends on how hard you work it with batteries going bad, leaving the lights on so the alternator has to charge up the battery, things like that.

My ‘06 with the 4.0 has over 100K, no problems. Your 3.7, a totally different motor, should be good to go for a long time with proper maintenance.
But parts can and do fail.