Can I Install This Van's Alternator?




I’ve kinda inherited a 1990 Dodge Ram b250 cargo van. It needs an alternator. I’m mechanically inclined with some tools but not sure if I can do the install because of reach and I have not seen the van. Is the alternator typically reachable from the front? Would I have to drop the engine or something? I’ve been told the engine is 3.9L V6.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.



Possibly. Post again after you have seen it.


I used to have an 88 Dodge Ram Campwagon ex-school bus. It is a rear wheel drive vehicle, so the accessory belts and everything are on the front of the engine. I can’t remember exactly where the alternator was, but I think it was easy enough to get to. The bus had the 5.2L V8, so it might even be easier for you, due to only having a V6 in there. Good luck.


If it is mounted low, see if there is an access cover in the wheel well. It would really help.