Can I drive safely in a rainy day when back of the car got crashed?(2022 Mazda CX5)

My car trim is 2022 Mazda CX5 and I hit the back of the car just a few days ago. Attached are the pictures after it hit a pillar. However, it is still drivable so I used it in a very heavy rain yesterday. My concern is, is it possible that the rain could got into the inner of the car, leading to the rust or damage the sensors? The reason I asked is I found the back camera is covered with water and mud after driving it in a rainy day and I am worried the same thing happened in other places where I cannot see.

All of your questions can be answered by the collision shop that repairs the vehicle . Also you insurance can tell you how much time after the repair you will have to fix other problems that show up .

Thanks for your reply! I indeed checked with body shops but they cannot make an appointment until next Monday.

What’s dislodged on the back is the rear bumper cover and wheel well molding.

It should be okay to drive until you can get it to a body shop.


From what I can see, rain is not going to get inside the vehicle. you can open the rear hatch and just feel if anything is wet. even if it is a little damp, just let the body shop know about it. I would not worry about it. especially since you are bringing it to the body shop to get fixed and not waiting months to do it.

Thanks for your response! Do I need to worry about the back camera since it is actually affecting the clarity when I am backing the car.

That’s a good advice! I will definitely try it.

Don’t worry about that.

Just back the car like we did when we didn’t have cameras.

Turn your head and look out the back window.

If the camera is damaged, it’ll covered by the insurance.


You can use any body shop you want but it is best to use one on your insurance carriers approved list in case of problems after the repair. You are using insurance aren’t you ?

Probably any water infiltration will be minor, you can always use some painters tape to eliminate any doubt.

Yes! I am using Geico. They are allowing me to choose the body shop so I went to a one nearby.

The camera is on the outside. You can put plastic down on the floor if you think water is leaking through the hatch.

I have GEICO, and I have always used their suggested body shop. You might ask them for an opinion on the one you chose. The ones they chose for my work were always excellent.

That shouldn’t be a major concern, because many/most rear-view cameras tend to get smudged on a rainy day, particularly if you drive at high speed.

In addition to the other helpful recommendations that you were given, I can add one more:

If my eyes are not deceiving me, it appears that one of the struts which supports the rear hatch has become detached, and is sitting in the opening, on the left. If you move/remove it, you will probably be able to close the hatch more securely. Don’t worry about removing it, because it is probably broken beyond being able to be re-used, and its replacement will be part of your insurance settlement.

Neighbor has 2018 accord with rear bumper damage. Had a bungee cord on it. Has not moved in driveway for 3 months. Waiting on parts? Pretty sure trunklid was ajar. I am not telling you to use a bungee cord. Just that my neighbor is not driving it for some reason.

Thanks for your advice! Yeah I am not very confident about moving it by myself considering my limited knowledge on the car…I will have the body shop to fix for me

Thanks! I will confirm with Geico again.

Oh that makes sense. Thanks for answering!

Sounds like a good temporary solution. Not sure how I can use bungee cord on it. Probably I can ask body shop to do that. Thanks for the tip!

if the rear hatch is not shutting all the way because of the strut, you can have someone in the back holding the strut out of the way while you close it. then they can go out the front of the vehicle.

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