Can I drive my 2001 Nissan Xterra from Las Vegas to Phx, if I have a leak in the power steering?

I don’t know if it’s safe to drive my Xterra to phoenix if I have a power steering leak. Midas told me about the leak last week.

It depends on the speed of the leak.

Well, did Midas add any fluid? If level is ok than it sounds like a minor issue. Can’t believe that is the only oily leak under your rig.

It’s pretty common for older power steering hoses to leak at the connector where they meet up with the steering box. In some cases the leak is more of a weep, barely leaking at all. And in other cases it is a gusher, spraying fluid every which way. Until you know which kind of leak you have, good at idea to keep an eye on the power steering fluid level.

Believe me…if Midas told you that you had a leak…you could probably drive the Xterra for the next 10 years. Same goes for Jiffy Lube and all of the other chain stores that are less than honorable. Always remember to get a second opinion because a broken clock is right twice a day.

I’ve never gone to one of those places for a service, but I was taking a walk a couple of weekends ago and there’s one along the way so I decided to pop in and check the prices. Pretty fair prices provided they do a good job. I was about to get some free coffee but the attendant there gave me the evil eye, suggesting by his look only paying customer should have free coffee, so I high-tailed-it out of there … lol .

Carry a container of fluid under the seat to keep it topped off and have a nice trip.

“Pretty fair prices provided they do a good job.”

George…that’s the problem in a nutshell. From their reputation…they can’t even manage good.

If the leak is minor, carry a bottle of fluid, as recommended and carry on. I’ve had 3 cars with slow leaks in the past and never bothered to fix it.

Go to a real mechanic and ask if this particular leak is something that’s likely to get worse suddenly.