Can I buy a car?

I am relocating to New Jersey in a couple of weeks from Singapore. My question is will I be able to buy a car right away whilst I wait for my documents to be approved and get a NJ license? I have an international license. The cost of renting a car for a month is somewhere aroung $1000, whis is a waste of money if I can put it towards a car of my own.

Any ideas??

Many thanks in advance,


In order to register a car in NJ, you must be a licensed driver in NJ. So, the first step is to obtain your NJ Driver’s License.

Probably the most difficult part of the process will be providing the required identification documents that are necessary for obtaining the license, including proof of residence. This involves showing a utility bill (NOT a cell phone bill!) showing your name and your address in NJ, and this is mighty difficult to do when you have just arrived in the state.

For a copy of the brochure outlining the ID documentation requirements in NJ, go to:

This gets complicated. Any salesman will be happy to sell you a car. Then you have to have the NJ government issue you registration and license plates. It may not be necessary to have a NJ license if you have a foreign passport.

If you have all the necessary documents (see VDC’s link, above) you can take care of everything without delay. If you have only partial documentation, however, it still may be possible for the state to issue you 30-day temporary plates. You would have to check with th NJ Department of Motor Vehicles for their requirements.

What is the reason for relocation, student or new job?