Can fuel additives be mixed

I was wondering if two fuel additives can be mixed,for example a Lucas bottle and a techron fuel system cleaner.

The techron fuel system cleaner cleans the system and the Lucas bottle maintains the clean system.

Now question is,will it damage the engine?

If you’re using a Top Tier gasoline, there’s no reason to use either.


True,but for a car that already has a full tank of gas and might be dirty inside, additives are a temporary fix, right?

I seriously doubt if any harm would be caused, after all they are meant to go in the fuel tank. But why not use the cleaner first on one tank and the maintainer on the next tank. Problem solved.

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Sounds good,I have a full tank with Lucas in it,but I know techron is really good so I wanted to add that in to get all the yuck for the injectors

Go for it…no problem.