Can dealer back charge you tax after buying car?

When I bought my Camry last April I paid for it in full. The paperwork I read completely before writing the check and signing any paperwork stated the dealer holds the title 15 days to ensure the check clears both banks and that my bill of sale was my proof of ownership in the interim . Fair enough, that was the exact same procedure for the previous two cars I have purchased in past years. Called at end of 15 days to arrange for picking up the title and was told oh that meant 15 business days. Waited the extra days, called again and was told oh we don’t have the title but will mail it to you within six weeks. Thirty minutes later I was in the showroom with proof from my bank the check had cleared two weeks earlier and firmly told the general manager he had ten minutes to provide the car title or I would be calling the state Atty Gen. Stood there with cell phone in hand six minutes and like magic I had the title. Before driving off I verified the VIN on the title against the one on the car. Wonder how many folks that title delay scam gets pulled on leaving them vulnerable to further exploitation.

@Marnet; I congratulate you on having the financial discipline for paying cash for a brand new car. not many can achieve that.

@Galant, I have been blessed to be able to avoid financing my three car purchases to date and hope I can always do so. It requires long range budgeting and certain compromises in desires vs needs. And, quite frankly, I benefitted greatly from help in other areas from family, otherwise I too would be saddled with a car loan. But I would never buy a car I cannot afford to pay off in three yrs or less. I’d prefer to drive something more comfortable but prefer even more to afford neccesities.

There’s no law against asking for money. Without a receipt there’s no way to prove that someone asked for money for fraudulent purposes. I wouldn’t pay any money without a clear invoice of what it was for.

This sounds fishy to me. I’d wait until they came after me with a better explanation. Unlike someone who took out a loan to buy a car they can’t damage your credit rating with a false claim.