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Can canned compressed air contaminate spark plug shafts?

I want to blow out the spark plug shaft of debris but I don’t have an air compressor. I do have canned air but there is some bitterent and chemicals in there. I was wondering can this cause problems between the spark plug and ignition coil or there is no cause for worry?


Not sure what your canned air is made of, but nevertheless I am 99% sure that there is no cause for worry…

is usually difluoroethane, an extremely flammable gas.

You have to dig deep to find this out, as neither the labels nor the web sites list the ingredients.

No harm will be done. Just make sure to leave the spark plug in place so that debris are not blown inside the engine.

Bitterants are added primarily to add flavor or taste to prevent kids or pets from getting poisoned, or inhaling it.

There should be a Safety Data Sheet (SDS, MSDS) on the corporate website.

Just don’t ever think about doing this while the engine is running, because one spark will cause an explosion that we will be reading about. This “canned air” stuff is violently explosive.

What is the world coming to? We buy water in bottles and now we buy air in cans?
Sometime back, Mrs. Triedaq bought me a Black & Decker “air station”. It has attachments for inflating tires, inflating sports equipment and blowing debris out of tight places. I’ve used the air station to blow junk away from spark plugs.

But it’s not air in those cans, despite the label, it’s an explosive gas. Used to be methane, now difluoroethane.

They should be sued for false labeling…


Reading the sds flammable, i had no idea, It comes out really cold, and could crack the porcelain on a hot plug, my thought :scream:

Well I bought one can and I couldn’t believe it was almost $5. I got it to blow the smoke detectors out like you are supposed to do once a year so you don’t get false alarms. It was easier than carrying the portable compressor around. And I guess I used it on my keyboard once but geez, $5?

Well then, I guess I’ll blow them out with my mouth or shop vac… lol

Never heard of blowing out smoke detectors, where do you find these pearls of wisdom?


It’s handy for blowing dust out of computers because it comes out completely dry. If you use a compressor without having a good drier on the line you’ll be spitting moisture into the computer, which is bad.

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Where do I find these pearls of wisdom? Well it started out about 4:30 in the morning with my detectors going off and trying to find which of the ten of them set the alarm. Then reading the product literature that advised blowing the sensors out once a year. Doesn’t everyone read all of their owners manuals?

Yeah. That my main use. I blow out mostly my filters though.

Read the owner’s manual? Where’s the sport in that? Besides, it’s cheating to read the manual! :grin:

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