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Exploding Pop Can Reminder

I’ve had a Coke can explode inside the car in the summer but not in the winter until a couple days ago. Car was parked for about 4 days at the Minneapolis Airport with three Coke cans on the floor. It must have gotten down there since all three were popped out but only one actually leaked. Luckily not too much but sprayed on the headliner, back door, seat etc. I’m not sure what cleaner to use yet. I don’t like the smell of Simple Green.

I just want to thank you for posting the reminder. You probably saved someone from the same fate.

I have no recommendations on cleaning it except windex, but that’d probably freeze on contact.

Take it to an auto detailer. They will clean it.

I have no problem cleaning it up myself, just never had one expand and cause a mess in the winter time before.

Neither have I but it never occurred to me to store pop in my car in the winter.

Water cleans up Coke as well as anything else. Spray on fabric and remove with a dry shop vac. There won’t be enough moisture to matter. I cleaned carpet in cars like that.