Can break job cause CV Joint to break?

I had a break job done on my car, then a few months afterwards my CV joints are busted. Do you think they are related? If it is, should I take it back to that mechanic? Would he even owe up to it?


I have a 1995 Mercedes E420. For awhile every time I step on the break at low speeds, it would release a LOUD squeal and sometimes, the break would let go and not work. So I took it to a shop, they looked at it and deemed it was ABS malfunction. They replaced it and the brakes as been fine since; however a couple months afterwards, my front left wheel would “CLUNK” each time I turn right…so i suspect its the CV Joint.

I can’t think of any possible way to wreck a CV joint by doing brakes. Like brakes, CV joints are a normal wear and tear item (though they wear a lot longer).

great, thanks!

Since your car is REAR WHEEL DRIVE, rather than front wheel drive, there are no CV joints on the front axles. Ergo, a clunk coming from your front wheel area could not be the result of a bad CV joint.
In addition, a BRAKE repair job would not cause the type of damage that you envisioned.

There could be other causes, but at this point, I would suspect a badly worn ball joint or two.
If your ball joints have gotten to this stage of wear, it would be a major safety issue.

The E-class did start with 4matic in the middle 80’s so there is a possibility of front Cv’s, I am no where near Mercedes competent and don’t want to be.

Okay–good point. Since the OP did not mention the drive system, I assumed that it was RWD, like almost every Benz on the road.

OP–Is this car equipped with the 4matic drive system? If it is, then you do have CV joints on the front axles. However, I still discount the possibility of a brake repair job damaging CV joints, unless the mechanic used a sledge hammer to put the calipers back into place. If your mechanic uses a sledge hammer when doing brake jobs, that is not a good sign.

ook…good to know that the clunking is not related to the brake fix.

As for 4matic, I do not believe it is…as the car is ridiculously lousy in during snow conditions. The clunking started about a few weeks ago…with no signs of any issues before the clunking started. I’ll check definitively tomorrow on the 4 wheel drive or RWD tomorrow and update.

Again, thanks for posting and all the info…i’m learning a lot!!!

But you still have a long ways to go…

If the car is equipped with 4matic, that designation will be prominently displayed in chrome letters on the rear of the car. Surely you would have noticed this at least once since you bought the car. And, if it is “ridiculously lousy in snow conditions”, that is a classic description of a rear wheel drive car.