Can anyone tell me what this part is

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This round piece is loose on the exhaust system and rattles when the vehicle idles.

I could not get your picture to open.

Your description seems to be of a heat shield that should be around some part of the exhaust system. Often there is a top and bottom piece, that together surround the catalytic convertor.




That’s a noise/vibration damper.


Thank you for the information. Any idea if it’s really needed and if so how to go about ordering a replacement?

Pretty ironic…


Any idea on ordering a replacement or if it’s needed? I also wondered if I could just use a hose clamp to secure it back tight.

Drive the vehicle, and listen if the exhaust system makes noise or vibrates.

If it does, then it’s needed.


That’s not a catch all though. Maybe it helps dampen vibration at higher speed. Maybe it helps dampen movement that is not audible, but is nonetheless damaging to the system.

The only sure fixes are to either (a) re-secure the part as it was before or (b) replace the part with a new one.

A mechanic can help you with (a) and (b), or the dealership parts department can help you with (b). Unfortunately, if this part is not easily removed from a larger component, you may need to replace that entire component.