Can an ABS problem create a noise in left front tire area?

Today I get in the car to run an errand, and the left front tire has a noise that sounds like a “wub”, that is rotation related. As I drive, I get “wub, wub, wub, wub,” I immediately pulled into a service station, and they agreed to pop off the wheel and see what’s up. At first they said they could not reproduce the noise with the tires off the ground, but eventually came up with an educated guess that the problem is related to the ABS. They also said ignoring the problem might lead to a failure of the brake pump, and lots of added costs down the line. They wanted me to leave the car for an hour of diagnostics.
Now that being said, they said I need an inner and outer tie rod on the same wheel, that I had also heard when I got new tires last month, at a different shop. I put few miles on the car, and had planned to do that repair soon.
Anyone familiar with an ABS making such a noise?, or any other suggestions? If it had been brakes or something obvious, I am sure they would have zeroed in on it easily. Help!

Oops…2002 Chrysler Town and Country…

ABS will not cause the WUB, WUB noise. I would get the rod ends changed. The tire could be scrubbing and causing the noise. It could be a bad tire. Rotating the tires could move the noise. Still the rod ends are a safety item and need to be done. The other option is warped rotor.

Also, anti-lock brakes not working will not hurt you. They work like normal brakes without anti-lock. Anti-lock keeps the wheels from locking up. In an emergency stop and allows you to steer since the wheels will no locked up.