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Can a 2008 Expedition's trailer hitch be removed?

No need for the hitch so want to get rid of the weight.

(Unbolted and removed the hitch from a 1999 Expedition.)

Thank you.

Well…if it can be installed, it can be removed.


If it came from the factory with the hitch, it is likely welded to and part of the frame, with few or no bolts. That means an experienced welder would have to remove it. In the process he’d have to be careful not to damage the frame and/or nearby body work, wiring, fuel lines, etc.

It can be done. You’ll have to see what it will cost and if it worth the money and risk of vehicle damage.

Of course, just about everyone who buys an Expedition expects there will be a hitch because many are bought as tow vehicles. Therefore taking the hitch off will lower the value of the vehicle.

To save weight you could remove all the seats. I took out the third row seats in my SUV and they are heavy suckers. Easier to pull the seats than remove the hitch, and it gets more weight out too.

It’s the rear bumper structure.

"No need for the hitch so want to get rid of the weight."
The weight is insignificant and a tow hook in place at the receiver should be a must for all “emergency vehicles” if that’s what you consider it to be. I would insist it have a hitch if I were driving it… It’s not a bad idea to have one in front as well. No problem.

Thank you, all.

Unfortunately, this hitch IS welded and part of the frame.
So we can’t afford the cost of removing it nor the affect doing so may have on the frame strength.
If it were like the 1999, I’d bolt it back on to sell it.
In the '99 I did remove the rear (bench) seat.

The '08 seats fold down. Their backs create a level floor on which to haul heavy items, otherwise I would remove and store them.

We should put a tow hook in the reareceiver. Good idea! Thank you.

This may not be the time or the place, but have always been a fan of receiver hitches on cars with or W/O frames too just for that same reason. The factory seems reluctant to give you a good mounting point for a quick easy hook use. Always carry a tow strap as well. With your Expedition, you can help others as well as your self. They can very safely pull a lot of weight and I would never give up on that capability. You may never need it; until of course you removed it.
BTW, it was smart of Ford (or cheap, but I’ll choose smart) to weld it on and make it difficult to remove. You could be a God sent to some one else. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. :=)

I didn’t think anyone welded hitches any more…What a poor decision that was.

I wouldn’t worry about the hitch adding too much wight…A good class III hitch might weigh as high as 50lbs…That’s not going to amount to any savings.