Can 2013 Lexus RX350 be improved for deep snow? Bigger wheels? Taller Winter tires?

It will replace a 2008 4WD Expedition doing blood transports.

Unfortunate that the Lexus AWD cannot be switched to 4WD. Is there a way to install a switch or is it unnecessary?

Thank you.

No such thing as an ‘LX350’.

There should be an AWD lock switch on the console however it will only function at speeds less than 25 MPH.

Normally you wouldn’t need to do anything, but if needed there is a lock for the center diff as as standard.

Thanks, Texasses. RX 350.
NV, I ain’t seen no AWD lock switch not nowhere not no how. Will look again.
2013 RX350 7.3 inches ground clearance
2008 Expedition 8.7 inches

The button on the far right is the AWD lock button:

Thank you. Already found it. There is also a menu item for snow which I must learn about.

Would it make sense to obtain 20-inch rims on which aggressive snow tires be mounted?
Has P235/55 R19
Or just get snow chains for bad situations?

No. Get the steel rims with great winter tires of the appropriate size. Typically the rim is the smallest size recommended for the vehicle. Larger than stock tires may not fit.

Agree with @texases Smaller diameter with a taller sidewall, I.e. 235/60/18 such as TireRack sells as a winter tire and wheel package with all 4. Narrower is generally useful, too. Taller will likely hit things like fender liners and suspension links.

This vehicle is basically a tall FWD car with an added rear drive mechanism. This is not a truck-based vehicle like the Expedition.

Good winter tires with AWD is all you’ll likely need to get around safely. Any worse weather and the Sheriff will likely close the roads.

These vehicles transport blood, blood platelets, etc. on closed highways and interstates.
(During middle-of-the-nightransports I have dug through many drifts. Two shovels and survival supplies in each vehicle.)

Will look at junk yards to see if I can find suitable wheels.
Tire Rack’s 18" wheels are $138. No steel wheels.
If TPS, I’d have to reset each time I change wheel sets. Maybe omit them in winter wheels.

Most days highways and interstates are dry.
Then a blizzard where such tires are needed for a day or two.
Hate wearing aggressive winter tires on dry roads.

They might sell steel wheels for less during snow tire season.

The 2013 RX350 AWD has a ground clearance of 7.3 inches. A 2013 4-Runner 4WD has a ground clearance of 9 inches. If ground clearance is an issue, check the web sites like or to see what the ground clearance is for trucks and SUVs. You can narrow down the list to only those over a certain minimum you determine after you see what is available.

BTW, your Explorer has a ground clearance of 8.2 inches if that helps you decide what will work for you.

Thank you. I prefer the Expedition but the Lexus is being practically donated for medical transports.
2008 Expedition 8.7" ground clearance.
2016 Expedition 8.3"
2016 Lexus 8.2"

Remember he claims to run up to 100 mph on long distances. If I remember wrongly, I apologize.

2008 Camry hybrid attains 120 mph. 2015 Camry non hybrid is governed at 113 mph.

Blood transport drivers must get a lot more in your area. Around here it’s maybe 2-3 dollars over minimum wage. No way could they afford a new Lexus RX-350.

Might be something to be said for skinny tires, there is a work van savanna, 1 " of snow no go, ff to 1 minute ro watch this model t go in the snow. Sure robert it won’t go 115 mph, but getting there is half the battle.

Blood transport drivers must get a lot more in your area. Around here it's maybe 2-3 dollars over minimum wage. No way could they afford a new Lexus RX-350.

I am a voldumbteer. Thankfully now reimbursed for fuel and wear and tear.
If the Lexus was not practically donated, we would not have one.

Carolyn, allow me to offer my thanks.

Why not just explain the the donor of the Lexus that the vehicle is not capable of performing the task you ask of it…and inform them that you will trade it in for a vehicle that is more suitable.

Or take the lexus and have some “Low Rider” folks fix it up for you.