Camry won't start when warm

1990 Camry intermittantly fails to start when warm (e.g. while out running errands) but starts fine when cold. Makes clicking noise on turning ignition but doesn’t start. Replaced starter (lifetime Toyota warantee) with no improvement. Any thoughts or suggestions?

If the solenoid clicks several times, this is, usually, because the voltage (12 1/2) from the battery has dropped too low to energize the starter solenoid (about 9 volts). Disconnect the little wire on the starter solenoid, touch the red probe of a voltmeter to the wire, touch the engine block with the black probe. Have someone turn the key to START, and hold it, as you check the voltage. If the voltage is low, the voltage is, probably, dropping at the ignition switch, or the park/neutral switch.
A mechanic/electrician could be a big assist.