Camry with rusted sub engine cradle

Doe anyone know if any of these Albany, NY mechanics are good—Schoolhouse Road Automotive, Mark Flynn’s Garage, Vince’s? Thanks!

Don’t those have online reviews ? The chance that anyone who has used them seeing your post is really slim. Ask your relatives , friends and coworkers for places they have used . That is the best way to find a shop. Also if you have bad rust then you might have a body shop examine the entire vehicle as it may be too late to fix.


Sometimes yelp has some interesting reviews about auto repair shops

How old is this Camry?

The person says it is a 2005 Camry in their other thread .

Since this is in the Rust Belt and if the engine cradle is bad enough to fret over then I would have concerns about the rest of the car that it is attached to.

As for the shops mentioned I have no knowledge of any of them. Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt and the same goes for the BBB.
Might be best to look at it this way. If the shop has been established for a decent amount of time and they stay busy then odds are they are reputable. Even that is not 100%.

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Engine subframes rot out very often in the wintry NY climate. I live near Rochester, NY and I have had two high mileage vehicles with rotten front subframes. My mechanic found used ones from warmer climates and installed them. I paid about $1,000 each, installed plus ended up replacing things like control arms for hundreds more. The good news was that both cars went many more miles after the repair. Check to make sure the rest of the car is in good enough shape to warrant this major repair.