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Camry low speed front end sound "BUNG"

Hi guys… I have a 2000 Camry, 4 cyl. It was in an accident on the front right before I bought it. I took it to Sears for alignment and 4-6 adjustments were made to pull it to within spec. One evidently is not correctable (the caster). After I bought it and after the alignment, I replaced the sway bar link, as the upper ball and socket was very loose. The problem I am trying to solve now is when I turn at low speed, I get a sound like a plucking of a large rubber band. (BUNG) I jacked and blocked up both sides and turning both ways all the way made no sound or play, and nothing is touching like the wheel well plastic or other parts. Then, I lowered the front right (where the accident was) to put weight on it, and it no noise when turning. When I lowered the left side also, there was still no sound. No sounds or shaking at 50-60 mph. Any ideas about this noise? It?s not hard to hear from inside the car…if you have any ideas, I would be glad to consider them…Mike

Sears is not where I would go for anything except tools. I certainly wouldn’t bring them my car. So it may be that you want to visit another shop - your best locally owned alignment/suspension shop.

Off the top of my head I’d say that this sounds like a binding upper strut mount/bearing plate. The “bung” would be the sound the spring makes as the plate releases. You should be able to put it back up in the air and have someone turn the wheel while you hold the spring with your hand. You should be able to feel it vibrate whenever it releases from binding - if my guess is right, of course.

I Second Cigroller’s Diagnosis. The Spring Is Being Twisted And Then Under Torsion, Releasing. I’d Fix It ASAP Before You Break A Spring And Put The Broken End Through A Tire.

When the weight of the car is on the suspension and the struts turned, they bind. They may not bind when weight is removed.

If this guess is correct then new strut top mount / bearing plates and a new alignment will probably be a huge step in the right direction. Have this checked by a competent mechanic.


Thanks for your help. I didn’t mention that The noise wasn’t there before I changed the sway bar link. When I put on the new link,it was about 2 + " away from lining up - had to pry the sway bar…seems I’ve done that sort of thing before tho. Are you thinking that the bearing ring/race ( in the strut mount) may be freezing up?

As mentioned change the mounts. These models were known for the mounts going bad fast. Any front end noise and I will change that mount before anything else.

That is What I’m Thinking.

Many people consider replacing the struts while each strut / spring assembly is disassembled.