Camry Hybrid Pulsation at 40+MPH braking


At 40+ MPH when applying light braking the brakes pulse and shake in a steady pattern.

I took my car in and the Dealer said that “on hybrids at times you will feel the “notchiness” of the magnetic motors during the regeneration mode. The Pulse/Shake is normal”

They then proceeded to machine my rotors, but the car still does it.

Any ideas?




I’ve never heard of this on Prius cars, however the Camry is a new offering. You may get better info from a Camry Hybrid or even a hybrids or a Prius forum site if there’s one.


Have you or any other drivers hit anything on the road? Your alignment might be out of whack. One check for significant alignment errors is to let go of the steering wheel at 40+ MPH and see if the car pulls left or right. It’s not a great test, and you need to be aware of the crown on the road. Do it on a really flat (side-to-side) road. Did the dealer check the alignment?

One more thing - Dealers are often correct. It might be the electric motors, as they said.


I’d also ask if you could test drive a similar one from their lot to see if that one does it as well