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99 Camry solara hissing

My 99 Camry solara is hissing when I start the engine and doesn’t go away until the car is shut off ---- then it hisses a few seconds more, then quits.
The heating / cooling isn’t on and I just had the oil changed yesterday at 227,000+ miles.
Any idea what this could be? Please help!


Take it back to the shop that changed your oil and ask them to check it for you. They might have accidently greated a vacuum leak

Is it possible that you might say at least a little something about where the hissing is coming from? This kind of sound can certainly swim around and make it difficult to pinpoint. But you need to at least say something about it.

Like Pumpkinkrasher I’d assume a vacuum leak but there are plenty of places those can be.

We found it---- it’s the top intake hose going to the engine. It’s cracked.


It probably cracked when they took the top off the air cleaner to check it. If the car was less than 5 years old I would say they were too ham-fisted but with a 13 year old car it was probably pretty brittle.