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Camry Driver Seat Disconfort from High/Hard Thigh Support

I was all set to buy a very good used 2015 Camry when I ran into a problem with the driver seat. Specifically, lower back significant discomfort, which my PT said was because of the hard/high thigh support, forcing me to sit in a different way than I have been sitting for many years with my current Camry. She showed me how to change my posture but neither of us is sure it will help. Has anyone else experienced discomfort with the 2015 (or similar model year architecture) driver seat? If so, did you find a solution for it? Are there any 3-5 year old Camry “comparable” car models (Accord?) without the hard/high driver seat thigh support that I could look at instead of the Camry?

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The problem with seat comfort is that it is a very subjective thing that can vary wildly from person to person. The best advice I can give you is that when you find a car you like, see if you can take it for a long test ride or rent one at the matching trim level from a rental agency for a few days to see how the comfort works for you

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I can assure you that just because one vehicle is fine for one person that does not mean it will be for you . You have eliminated one from your list so that is how you will find something.

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Does the Camry have electric adjustable seats? If not, find one that does, it’s a common option.

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Yes…the Camry has power seats. But not power thigh supports. That’s where the problem is. The thigh supports make the seat narrow and I have to sit very straight, as opposed to how I sit in my 2000 Camry.

The Toyota Camry is a very good car, but it is not the only car. There are other good cars out there. There have been cars that I thought I would like but were not comfortable for me.

I do believe the manufacturers are messing with seat designs to force people into a particular posture. Sit straight in the center and can’t move from side to side or turn your head to look out the back window because of the head rests. I think they think they are doing it for safety but it can really be bothersome. You can look at other cars but suspect they are all starting to do the same thing. If you really must have this one though, you might want to swing by an auto upholstery shop to see what it would take to re-shape the seat a little.


I think you’re right about most cars being the same (at least from what I’ve seen looking into parked ones on the street). Thank you for your suggestion. I called an auto-upholsterer who told me he can cut down the those supports and re-shape the seat and has done this many times for people.

I am with Triedaq , there are other vehicles that might just be what you want without spending money to modify a new vehicle .

I read through the Autotrader forum Autotrader Forum and it seems that many, many people are having this problem, regardless of make/model, in cars from about 2012 on except on the luxury end. Curious if anyone here has had the need to modify the driver seat and has done it. If it works it’s a relatively small price to pay (compared to cost of the Camry) to get an otherwise mechanically good (checked by my mechanic) car.

We’ve had numerous posts about people not liking their new car’s seats, particularly the headrest or the lumbar support. None I remember discussed the results of seat cushion modifications.

I tried to understand my issue by debugging why I don’t have the problem with my current 2000 Camry where I’m using a plain seat cushion (just a semi-soft ordinary seat, not back, cushion) and a towel behind my lower back. It seems now that the seat bolster is not the problem. I found that my torso leans forward slightly when engaging the pedals, stressing one part of my lower back to keep it that way, especially when I move my leg/foot from pedal to pedal. (It’s not because the seat isn’t forward enough - it’s very much forward - but rather seems perhaps to be because of the angle of the seat). The towel lets my torso stay forward without the lower back being stressed to have to keep it that way. And my Camry seatback is velour with semi-soft foam(?) in it so there isn’t a hard push against the towel and my lower back.

If my theory is correct, I need a seatback cushion to provide that solid yet somewhat soft support so the lower back doesn’t have to be pressed into supporting the forward torso and that leg/foot pedal movement. Can anyone recommend a particular seatback cushion which has successfully helped alleviate your lower back pain and/or discomfort? I’ve looked on Amazon - about the only place from where one can be obtained - but there are many there. Each one is touted as being “best”, “orthopedic design”, etc. so personal experience and recommendation with a car cushion would be most appreciated.

Others in this size class are Chevy Malibu, Honda Accord, Kia Optima and Mazda6. There are a few more if you want to check them all out. I have a 2017 Accord EX-L and I am very happy with it. It’s the same generation as the 2015. Take any you choose for a long test drive to make sure they are comfortable. In 2017 when I was looking for a new car, I test drove a Toyota Avalon. It was a great car, but the seat back was uncomfortable. I might have missed that in a short drive.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to find a vehicle that was suitable without pads and towels ? Nothing says it has to be a Camry, there are a lot of good vehicles out there.

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At least it seems like you haven’t bought this car.

I bought my 2005 Camry not knowing the seat would be uncomfortable and 3 months after buying it my daily one way commute went from 5 miles to 70 miles. That was when I realized the seat does not have thigh support. I am 6’ tall, most of the height is in my legs. I eventually learned to raise the front of the seat (mine had power seats) and tilt the seat back, essentially as if I was driving a low rider and this fixed my problem for the most part. I have now moved to anther car; it is a Hyundai Veloster that even though it looks funky and small, has ample room and the seat is pretty comfortable for me.

If you are dead set on a 2015 Camry, maybe try different trims (? the SE), otherwise buy something else.