2020 Toyota Highlander - Hard seats

The driver seat in the 2020 Toyota Highlander is very uncomfortable. My right leg goes numb after one hour. I have put it in several different positions. I am going to buy a pad for the seat. Why are they making these so hard??

Didn’t you try the vehicule before you bought it?

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Test drove for 45 min.

See if this helps.

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Exactly. Why would anyone buy a vehicle that is uncomfortable?

I have a 2014 Highlander…Not sure what changed between mine and 2020 model year…but my Highlander is very comfortable.

Have you adjusted the seat up and down to be more comfortable? These days, manufacturers have power seats that go up, down, forward, back, and even change angle. Maybe a combination you haven’t tried will work better. It seems from your description, adjusting lower might help if you haven’t done that already.

They design their vehicles to appeal to the largest number of people. The only way to know for sure is to go for a long test drive, at least 20 minutes. I had a similar issue in 2017. I test drove a Toyota Avalon, and ended up going for a half hour test drive. Turns out I find the seat back uncomfortable, and I only discovered that after the long drive. More recently, I had a Camry rental with a similarly designed seat, and it was uncomfortable in the same way. Lots of people think those seats are comfortable, but the just don’t fit me. Good luck with your quest.

I have driven a lot of different vehicle 's over the year’s and I know with most cars now it can’t be done but to me the most comfortable seat’s was the bench seat and the air ride seat that was in most truck’s.

It seems like most seats now are a bit on the firm side and I dislike them also. However, I notice hard seats in about 10 seconds so there is no acclimation period.

The only car I’ve owned with what I consider perfect seats is my Lincoln Mark. I’ve driven that car non-stop several times for 425 miles with no comfort issues at all.

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Seat comfort is really subjective. We have 2003 Toyota 4Runner. The seats are firm and the ride is stiff. For riding around town, the 4Runner had the riding comfort of a wheelbarrow. Yet, it is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have owned for long trips. I can drive the 375 miles to visit our son and not feel stiff when we arrive. On the other hand, we had a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 with all the bells and whistles. It felt very comfortable for local driving, but after an hour on the highway, my legs would cramp up. Even with the power seats that adjusted in all kinds of positions, I was never comfortable after an hour on the road.
We owned a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander minivan. It was the lowest trim line model. It didn’t have power seats. Yet, it was quite comfortable to drive. The seat and driving position are more comfortable than the 2011 Toyota Sienna that replaced the Uplander. Our son now has both the 2006 Uplander and the 2011 Sienna and he thinks the seats are more comfortable in the Uplander than the Sienna. As well as the 4Runner, we have a 2017 Toyota Sienna. It is no different than the 2011 Sienna. For me, it was the most comfortable minivan I could find since GM no longer makes a minivan.
I think the vehicle I owned that had the most comfortable seat was the 1990.Ford Aerostar Eddie Bauer. I still wish I could get a new minivan like that Aerostar. I liked the rear wheel drive and full frame construction for pulling trailers.