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Camry Converter dead at 114,000

Hi All,

Got a dead primary converter on my 2000 4 cyl Camry. Check engine light is on and my mechanic says the after market ones barely last a year as the warrantee is just that. Why does Toyota sell cars with cheap converters? Am looking at junking the car as it is over a $1000 to fix with a one year warrantee.

Converters (assuming the diagnosis is even correct) are often killed by something else and aftermarket converters will work fine.

So what codes are present? A converter related code does not necessarily mean the converter is bad; and Toyota does not use “cheap converters”.

I replaced ONE aftermarket converter for a friend of mine. That was 5 years ago…and still running fine. I know a couple of people who installed aftermarket converters and they are all working fine.

Get a second opinion. Many times a bad O2 sensor is misdiagnosed as needed a new converter.

Hi, The code showed a bad primary converter as MA gets the Calif emissions pack with 2 converters. I replaced the second one downline (cheap fix) and it did nothing. O2 sensors test out fine acc to my mechanic and Autozone. The CA Spec emissions here require the additional converter and the warrantees stink. Poor Toyota engineering I think or planned obsolescence. Read out there the ethanol mixed gas we have may be killing converters prematurely. Doesn’t help my circumstance.

The question remains though. What code(s) are present?

You’re still offbase about thinking Toyota is engineering or installing bad converters.

While I don’t know who manufactures converters for Toyota there’s a 99% probability that whoever manufactures them for Toyota also manufactures them for a dozen or so other car makes.
This applies to countless other items on any car made since automobiles are mostly a collection of aftermarket parts from brakes to transmissions to electrics and even down to the lowly cigarette lighter.

Bottom line? The converters on your Toyota are aftermarket from the get-go.

The malfunction I see here is with your mechanic.

  1. He failed to tell you the problem is probably elsewhere in your system, and is showing up at the cat.
  2. He lied when he said it has a one year warranty. By law (EPA) new after market catalytic converters must have a 5 year / 50,000 mile warranty on the converter shell, casing and end pipes and a 25,000 mile warranty on the converter insides or substrate.
  3. And either he or you is wrong about Toyota cats, they’re no different than others, and typically last the life of the vehicle.

Checked in with the local Toyota dealer. they offer a toyota spec front converter for CA-Mass. emissions with a one year warrantee for $678 with the manifold adapter another $30. Installation is extra. I don’t have the particular code that failed. 2 places have told me it’s the converter and don’t want to waste time at a third garage at $110/hr for same result. Thanks for the prompt responses. Have had other brand vehicles that went far longer mileage with no emissions issues. totally aggravating as it runs like a top.