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Camry '98, heart failure?

I have a 1998 Camry LE with 100 K clocked. Great car, except recently, at least 3 times in the past month, the car has “died” for about 3 seconds. It recovers and goes on as usual. It was as if it lost its breath and recovered. Luckily I was on city streets when I had to quickly restart the engine. Any car docs out there with a diagnosis? Thanks.

How’s it been maintained?

What failure codes has the ECU stored? Parts stores will often read these for free.


Thanks for the reply…what’s a ECU?


ECU is Eastern Connecticut University, or the computer that controls the engine, I forgot which.

It’s your car’s computer.

Your car has what is called an “onboard diagnostics” system. Its computer that controls and monitors the engine and emissions functions will store “fault codes” if it detects any missing or abnormal signals from any of a multitude of sensors. The codes can then be “read” using a special tool and tell a technician where to begin diagnosis. They are an important step in fixing today’s cars.

Ha Ha…thanks so much for the reply.