Camping time is here!

I have a 12 foot pop-up camper that is around 3000Lbs and is towed by a 2004 Honda Odyssey. The hitch is about 5 inches from the ground when the cammper is loaded. I was wondering what you would reccomend I get for the Honda?
Air shocks, heavier springs or something else. Thanks!!!

“Air shocks, heavier springs or something else.[?]”

Something else . . . besides a Honda Odyssey.


3000 lbs. is within the limits of the vehicle (I think), provided you don’t have the van itself loaded much. I’d check your tongue weight.

Reese center pull hitch. Its a load leveling hitch. If you have a 2" receiver, it will go in.

I would suggest using something other than a Honda Odyssey to tow this based on their transmission issues. If you will be using this vehicle to tow anyway and are just looking for a way to prevent or reduce sag from the tongue weight of the trailer, air shocks are the cheap, easy, effective way to go, provided they are available for your Odyssey. If you can’t get air shocks for it, you could get a universal air bag leveling system to keep the back end up, or heavy duty coil over shocks. Coil over shocks, while typically easy to find, are relatively expensive and will probably give you a harsh ride.