Camaro tail lights issue

i have a 1991 camaro and the tail and dash light fuse keeps blowing. and so far i cant find and burnt wires that might be shorting out … what could be causing this?

i really need some help

Do you have an aftermarket radio in it?

Common causes of this problem are something was placed in the trunk that cut into the insulation on the wire and it now grounds against the body, a trailer wiring harness that is grounding to the body, or a bad rheostat dimmer for the dash lights.

i did have a aftermarket radio but i dont now… i have traced the tail light wire from the tail light the to fuse boz end theres not a cut or burn on them.

where can i find a wire diagram for the tail light for a 1991 camaro?

How long does it take to blow the fuse? Is it instant, or does it blow as you’re out driving? What else stops working when this fuse blows. The fuse powers more than just the tail lights to ensure that you notice when it blows.

As for a wiring diagram, get a Haynes manual for your car.

the fuse blows instantly and yes it powers the dash and the tail lights

and there is two burnt wires that i can see … theres one that i know is the horn wire cuz my horn dont work.

the other is a wire behind the dash lights ints melted but not like fused together anywhere that would be making it short out

but i have been told it might be a blowed lightbulb

It could be a bad light bulb. If you remove all the lamps from their sockets and it still blows the fuse you can rule lamps out.

At that point you can start unplugging things that also don’t work when the fuse blows, and then seeing if the fuse still blows. You should also chase down the burnt wires to see why they burned. An under-dash fire at highway speed will burn your car to a cinder before you know it.