Camaro running bad

i have a 1991 camaro and i took it out today out to day to see what i could do so i get out on the road and stomp the gas to the ground but the car would not even spin the tire it is a 3.1 v6 but it would still do a burnout when i bought it what could make it not have as much power as it ured to could the timing be off?

How long have you had the Camaro? How many miles on it? What, if any mods have been done to it? Has it changed any since you have owned it? When was the last time the air and fuel filters, spark plugs and wires been changed? Were OEM plugs and wires used, or were some fancy expensive wires and plugs used? How about the exhaust?


Please provide more information about the car and its maintenance history.

I hope you meant, “stomp the gas to the floor,” rather than “the ground.” If the gas pedal hits the ground you have a major problem.

You said in another thread that it’s running rich. You have therefore, I think, answered your own question :wink:

Also, remember, the car is now 20 years old. Especially if whoever owned it before you liked stomping the gas to the ground and doing burnouts, the engine (which I noticed has already had at least one blown head gasket) is probably tired and not going to perform like it did new.

And it’s performance new was underwhelming at best. My 4 cylinder 108hp CRX is faster and the CRX was never considered a “fast” car.

As we’ve said in other threads, if you want speed, you bought the wrong car. Sell it to someone who wants a pretty car and get yourself something with some guts.

193xxx miles i just changed the head gasket in it and put new autolite plugs and wires i have had it since april. no mods yet. it has a glasspack on it.

i think the reason it was running rich was because we messed up the computer when we had the pipe off and running it i dont know but its not running rich now.

What pipe off? Exhaust? I hope you don’t mean you had the whole exhaust including the headers off, because that can cause damage when you turn off the motor.

depending on what glasspack you’re using, you might have actually reduced engine power by putting it on. Glasspacks lower backpressure significantly, and some naturally aspirated engines don’t like that very much.

Also, if your plugs are not gapped properly it can cause performance hits.

Another peril of a lack of back pressure. Burnt or cracked valves from an incomplete exhaust system can certainly reduce power substantially, resulting in an inability to do burnouts when you stomp the gas. Sounds like this poor little V6 has been run ragged.

Could you have made some type of error when you replaced the headgasket? do you know how to check the compression? Has this engine experienced an overheating event?