1991 camaro trouble

i have a 1991 camaro with a 3.1 and it idles fine but when u put it into gear and go it doesnt have much power at all and wont hardly go anywhere could the vacuum lines have anything to do with it or what else could it be

Could be many many things. Try loosening your fuel cap…sometimes they dont vent creating a vacume and thus making it hard for the car to fuel itself…what does it do when you try to drive…stumble? bog down? I guess we need more info to help…what exactly does it do when you try to drive… Right now the list of issues could be huge…from a clogged cat to fuel…

well first off there is no cat. and it will idle fine but when i get it out on the road it goes up to like 5000 rpms and not hardly going anywhere um its not like bogging down or anything and it doesnt stumble i will try looseing the fuel cap tomorrow. another thing is what could cause exhaust to come out of the oil dipstick hole?

Aren’t you the one that posted about doing a whole lot of work to the car, and also some dubious performance mods? Check your work, to start with :wink:

Your last response seems to point to a tranny issue. Was the rear or final drive ratio changed? Did someone put gears lower than 4.11 in the rear or something? DOes the car accelerate quickly like fast from stoplight to stoplight? It could be a tranny issue or someone messed with the final drive ratio?

yes im the one but i didnt put nothing on it … im just trying to get it to run better cuz im trading it for a truck

nothing wad changed tranny wise the only thing we did was replace the head gaskets. and waht causes exhaust to come throgh the oil dipstick hole?

Exhaust out o the dipstick hole is from Blowby from your pistons. YOu need to look at your PCV valve and make sure it isnt clogged up…when you take the valve out and shake it…it should rattle. Replace it if its old. Too much cylinder blowby is caused by piston ring wear. All engines have pressure in the crank case which is why they use the PCV valve to vent it out…usually to be sucked back in to the engine thru the intake tube from the air filter and burned…Old timers used to run a tube to the bottom of the chassis and vent the “oily air” onto the street.

What you are noticing is blowby…if you remove your oil filler cap on the valve cover while the engine is on you will notice high pressure air and prob smoke blowing out of it…too much air movement is caused by piston wear and or the pcv valve being stuck closed no allowing it to vent the crankcase pressure.

Also if you are revving at like 5000rpms and not moving as fast as you should…if you have a manual trans…then it is slipping…if you have an automatic…it could also slip. DOes the engine rpm rise and the car not move in conjunction with it…You shouldnt be able to pull a lot more rpm without a corresponding increase in speed…if you can then clutches are slipping.

Sounds like blowby and transmission slip. The engine and transmission are shot from too many of those burnouts and top-end runs you posted about previously. The fix is to either rebuild or replace the engine and transmission. I recently went through a similar discussion with the 19 year old kid who lives next door to me with his parents. He had similar issues with his Mercury Cougar. His parents thank God that he has a lot of respect for me and finally stopped driving the crap out of his car and breaking it all the time. When you get your truck, drive it reasonably and you will probably slash your repair bills by 90%. It worked for the kid next door, so it will work for you, too.

As a side note, if you want to beat on your car and have it last, make sure you use a quality oil (I like Mobil-1), that you check the oil and keep it full, that you change the oil regularly, and that you don’t beat on it until it’s thoroughly warmed up.