Camaro 3.8 Running bad...code PO 102

96 camaro. showed 102 code (MAF sensor circuit low frequency) with check engine light. Car backfires through intake, spits, sputters, jerks and stummbles when attempting to acelerate untill you let off the gas slightly and it smooths out. Does not do this all the time. Most of the time. (When it is running good, it really runs good) RELACED MAF with reman MAF sensor. Had check engine light turned off. Drove car. No improvement in running and check engine light back on. Had a Saturn that run just like this and I replaced the EGR and it ran perfect. If showing MAF code could it be the TP sensor??? Could it be the EGR??? Thanks for your help!!!

Please note that P0102 refers to the MAF sensor circuit.

This code might appear b/c of a problem with the MAF sensor itself. Or because of a problem anywhere else in the circuit. So did you happen to check the wiring & wiring harness for the MAF? Check for its 5V reference signal? etc?

I guess I need to check a lil closer. Thanks for your time.

Also check for air/vacuum leaks into the engine after the MAF sensor. This can cause a P0102 code.


Thanks!!! Good info…all advice is helpfull!!!