Cam shaft phasers

My 2005 Expedition(5.4) has been making a knocking sound, which is most noticeable when idling. Ford told me $1400 to fix, because the timing is off on the cam shaft phasers. My lease is up in 8 months. Do you think my car can hold out that long?

What is a cam shaft phaser ?? I’ve never heard the word before and I’ve been a Ford dealer parts man since 8/79.

I believe the phasers are what control the variable camshafts. I read an article about them in an auto magazine. Mustang GT engines have them, apparently, and I guess Ford vehicles with similar engines also have them.

Set phasers on stun!

I have no idea whether the OPs vehicle will last 8 months like this.

Correct. Ford uses varible valve timing on the 3-valve 4.6L and 3 valve 5.4L engines. The camshaft phasers basically control the movement of the camshsfts when the threshold to change cam profiles is met. It’s unusual to have problems with them. I’d get them fixed. Since this is a lease, if you don’t do it now, they’ll hit you for it in some way when you return the vehicle.

Aha…I see the camshaft sensor/sprocket mechanism in the parts cat but it’s never been called a phaser . Ford # 3R2Z-6A257-DA are $ 235.83 each and on them is a solenoid # 3L3Z-6M280-EA @ $ 107.32 EA. An extremely rare need, I’d get a second opinion diagnosis. At my Ford dealer we’ve never sold any of these.

Ford refers to them as “VCT phasers” in their TSB’s. And you’ve never heard the term?

Nope,not once. Perhaps because we’ve never had a related problem in our shop nor needed to sell any. The parts catalog refers to them simply as ‘sensors’ and it IS very often that the mechanic’s tech manual uses different designations that the parts book. As soon as youall described it, it made sense in the parts illustration.

If you’ve got 27 minutes to watch a video, there is a good one available online, free. It explains the problem, and the fix.
Go here:
And select video #22.

You’re going to have to pay for repairs when the lease is over anyway, so fix it now.

That was a 'way cool video…and, I learned stuff. So, now, you know somebody checked the link.