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Cam sensor

where is the cam sensor on 1997 gmc sonoma 4wd 4.3L

I Don’t Know A 97 Sonoma 4.3L From A Hay Bale, But According To My Info:
On Models Equipped With HVS (High Voltage Switch) Systems Or With A DI (Distributor Ignition System) The Camshft Position Sensor Is Located Inside The Distributor Assembly.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove cap and rotor.
Unplug the sensor connector.
Remove sensor screws.


the sensor is not shooting a code by i have p0300 i changed cap rotor plugs wire fuel filter maf sensor

That code often turns on the CEL in cars / trucks and there are lots of causes. Professional diagnosis to pinpoint the exact cause(s) could be less expensive than replacing engine parts, one or two at a time. Although, any items like plugs, wires, etcetera, that need replacing because they’re due (mileage, age) won’t hurt.

A compression check would be helpful as a starting point.


can the cam sensor cause the engine to miss

I don’t think a bad cam sensor will cause a miss, but it will give you lousy economy and performance, and if it is intermittently failing, it may cause the car to jerk or buck.

ok thank you for the advise oblivion