Cam bearing oil feed hole locations

need help on the cam bearings oil hole location. on my sbc 350. 1-5 especially the first one becouse it has 2 holes if u can give them to me with the block upside down that would be best thanks

were should the bearings holes be facing when i put them in especially number one becouse it has to holes

1-5 oclock position and number one it has 2 holes

What year is the block…4 bolt mains or 2?


its a 93 2 bolt main

Next time, just give them to the guys at the machine shop and have them install them. They have the special tool and have done it a million times, and usually do not charge for this service if you are having machine work done anyway.

yea, lol this my first build and im doin it on my owns so i get a pass lol

just finished installing the bearings turned out to be pretty easy with the tool