Calling all Silverado owners

I’ve been checking for a good forum dedicated to Silverado’s. There seems to be quite a few of them and I checked out a couple. They didn’t seem to be what I was looking for.

I’m asking for recommendations. My Silverado is a 2007 Silverado Classic 1500 Z71.

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I recommend that you start by outlining your needs and wants.
You haven’t told us if you need a crew cab, plan to pull horses, or are just using it for a family vehicle. Do you need 4X4? Do you prefer diesel? Is mileage or power more important?

Give us someplace to start.

You might try looking at such similar systems it might be helpful

I’m looking for a forum, I already have the truck. I usually join a forum for each vehicle I have. There aren’t a lot of forums for Subarus, Saturns or Toyota Tercel 4wd wagons so selecting one was not complicated.

When I googled forums for Silverados, there were a lot. I visited some but I figured there are like minded people here so if one likes a particular forum, I’d probably like it too.

I just want insight on repair information, even though mine is 4wd, I am not an off roader and I didn’t get it because it was 4wd, it was just a good deal, or seemed to be at the time.

Are you looking for repair information . . . or just want to talk to fellow Silverado owners?

If you’re looking for repair information, consider your local public library

For example, my public library allows you to access Chilton information . . . repair procedures, wiring diagrams, bulletins, recalls, etc. . . . at any time, either at the library or at home. All you need to do is provide your library membership number.

It’s not as good as having access to the genuine GM website . . . which obviously costs money . . . but it’s for the most part okay. Much of the information is literally lifted from the manufacturer’s websites and is trustworthy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your library offers a similar service, free of charge

If you find a forum you like for you Silverado, let us know OP. The model specific forums I run across tend to be pretty annoying to use, with advertisements blocking the content I am trying to see, or the advertisements causing the browser to lock up and freeze my computer.

Many of the forums I see seem to subscribe to conspiracy theories . . . meaning that when a member complains about the high price to repair something, it MUST be a conspiracy on the part of the auto manufacturer, pars supplier, and naturally also the shops. Global conspiracy, I suppose :smirk:

That is why I suggested, same engines similar body styles, getting to the point of whyn the heck do I even try.

Unfortunately, I’m not in agreement

The Envoy and Trailblazer have little in common with the Silverado

Different engines, very different body styles

The only thing I know for sure that the Silverado and Trailblazer share is the 4L60E automatic transmission

You’re comparing pickup trucks to suvs. A more valid comparison would be to compare a Silverado to a Tahoe. Those at least share many components, including engines

I have a Haynes manual, FWIW. The model specific forums I belong to are mostly like the regulars here, but generally have knowledge and experience specific to the vehicle.

This is a great group and I will continue to post questions here, but sometimes the model specific sites have enthusiasts with information that is less generic, and knowledge of known issues and how to avoid them.

But I do agree with @db4690 that some of them are ate up with conspiracies or people who think these vehicles are the do all/end all of vehicles and that manufacturer can do no wrong, everything else is junk. Kinda like when I was in the Navy, there are two types of aircraft, F-14s and targets.

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What exactly would you like help with?

I joined two groups, the one recommended by @COROLLAGUY1 and sorta one recommended by @Barkydog. I had to modify Barkydog’s recommendation because my truck is a 2007 so I had to find that age group.

I left the same post about the cracked transfer case adapter on each of them to see which one responds better. So far, no responses from either.

However, my neighbor, who I rarely see because he is out so much has had these trucks for about 30 years, since he was 16 and yesterday I caught him as he came home. He told me that these cases do crack frequently, especially if the front U-joint on the rear drive shaft goes bad, which mine was. He also pointed out a few things that did not make since to me like the front driveshaft disconnecting when in 2wd. He showed me a solenoid on the front differential that disconnects the driveshaft. Never heard of this before, mine is bad BTW and that also contributes to the problem. Also missing the skidplate that is supposed to protect the transfer case.