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Caliper pin issue

05 equinox. Changed front rotors/pads 6 months ago. Both slider pins on calipers seemed ok. Push in/out fine. I only inspected pins. Did not wipe them off. I did not grease the pins. Wheels seemed dusty over the winter. Changed flex hoses a few weeks ago. Did wheel bearing yesterday. And the lower pin w/rubber rattle bushing seemed stuck. It pulled out of caliper ok but it did not want to go back in easy. Rubber piece may have swelled? Put it back together and today I looked on shelf and it turn out I have a rubber kit from last yr and another equinox I never used. Some folks remove the rubber sleeve. They say it is useless? Should I replace it? Don’t take long.

If it’s the original rubber boot, replace it. Rubber degrades over time. I think 14 years is long enough for the original. Do both boots on that side now and the other side soon.


image It’s not the bellow boot we are talking about. It’s the small rubber sleeve on the bottom “trailing” pin. 1 pin has machined area to accept rubber anti rattle bushing/sleeve. I have seen pin sets with NO machined area. Been told it was a retrofit for customers who complained of noisy brakes. So you might see equinoxes with no rubber tipped pins.
They call them anti-rattle pins

i have parts. bet i can do it in 15 min.

You heard wrong . . . whining customers has nothing to do with it

Many cars have “mismatched” pins per side

For example, the upper pin will be “solid” while the lower pin will have that machined area for the rubber bushing, or vise versa

That’s why you take pictures or make notations of which pin was where

Clean the caliper pin hole with aerosol brake cleaner first because the old grease is probably dry, preventing the pin from sliding.Take a pencil and wrap a piece of blue shop towel around it.Remove as much gunk as you can…it might take a few tries to get it cleaned.Put a light coat of synthetic brake grease around the pin and work it in and out.

Put new rubber bit on. Pin would not go in. Used drill bit to lightly scrape out bore. Did not feel much or see any crud. Bit of lube and it went in. I bottomed it out and it would not spring back. So, I would say there is more crud in there.

You need one of those small types of brushes . . . the type that looks like it’s used for cleaning firearms

A bore brush. Industrial app called tube brush. Poor man’s alternative I have used many times, wrap sandpaper around wood dowel and clean by hand or drill.