California Smog (Emissions and Check Engine Lights)



I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent 2-door Hatchback, that I received gently used (It was repossessed) in July 2004. I drove my car from Baton Rouge, La to Los Angeles, Ca when I moved this past August. Shortly after arriving my check engine light came on. Pep boys checked it and told me it was fine just the car having trouble processing the smog, reset the check engine light and said if it comes back on I may need to have it checked. A few weeks later, light comes back on and upon having it checked (different Pep Boys) I was told they needed to hook it up to the big machine for a better check ($100 that I don’t have) They refused to reset the light but did tell me the portable machine said “Manufacturer Control Auxillary Emission Controls” which is why they needed to hook it up because they have no idea what that means…my light has been on ever since. Is there a less expensive fix? I dont believe they manufacturer cars different in California to better deal with the smog so why is my little car having so many problems? Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


So what’s the problem? Passing an emission test with the light on? That’s a problem. Try disconnecting the battery for half an hour and see if the light goes off. If it does, wait a day and go get an emissions test…


No, I’m not concerned with emissions or smog tests as I still (and forever will) have my Louisiana plates. I just want to make sure my car isn’t hurting and in need of fixing. I would hate for something to blow, shut down, and/or conk out as I need my car for transport to and from work.


If it’s something SERIOUS, the CEL will blink. As long as an emissions test is not an issue and you have no other symptoms of trouble, drive on…You might try AutoZone or Kragen parts stores to pull your codes, they do it free…Post the trouble code(s) back here and we can play with them…God Bless Louisiana!


Oh, I didnt know it blinked…Thanks I will do that!
By the way…how do I unplug the battery (to reset the CEL)…I know its mental but it does make me feel something is very amiss lol.


On the top of your battery, there will be two heavy cables attached, positive and negative. Select the proper wrench and remove the negative cable from the battery…

Have someone read the codes (before you reset the light) and we will tell you how far amiss things are…


Yes I will! Thank you!


Find someone else that is not profit motivated (is that possible) to read the code. Even if you can’t understand the words,get the numbers and post back.