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Cadilliac srx

What type of oil change do this car need also what type of fuel. is this a good car.

In order to get the most accurate information, you should post the year, make, model . Engine size if you know it. However, your owner’s manual would have the best information on what type of oil to use and how often. The owners manual will also tell you which kind of fuel to use. I would imagine that it needs 89 octane.

from the context of the post, I think this person is considering buying the car, not already bought it.
That being said, the vehicle costs over $40k and you’re gonna worry about fuel and oil type?

You can get a 2004 from a dealer for as little as $15,000. Someone buying a $15,000 car might worry about oil and fuel.

The V6 uses regular and the V8 uses premium. There should be an owner’s manual in the glove box. It will tell you what octane fuel is needed. I’m sure that synthetic oil is not required, and the owner’s manual will tell you that, too. If this is a private sale, ask the owner for the owner’s manual. You can read it while you talk about the car.