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Acrura's RDX 2010

I want tyo buy the car as my mercedes ML320 needs gto be retired after 12 years. Now the problem is the gas. I see it says requires 91 octane, now my work provides FREE gas on the property as we have our own tank and I just found it is 89. Will I ruin my engine if I use this gas? If need be I guess I will pay the price for quality. Any feedback I would appeciate thanks.

I’d definitely put premium in the RDX, it’s turbocharged.

thanks as I had that feeling.

The RDX has a turbocharged engine, it would behoove you use 91 octane or better in it. You wouldn’t happen to work in a marina would you? 89 octane tends to be the standard at the ones I’ve been to. I’m pretty sure your ML 320 was spec’d for 91 octane as well.

I don’t look at things as a one size fits all. There will issues with some vehicles and no issues with others as there are many variables involved; even things like terrain and altitude.

Run a tank of a 89 and pay attention to fuel economy or any subtle rattling under a load (passing, uphill, etc.) If the mileage is the same and no rattling exists then it should be fine.

My owners manual states 91 for my Lincoln Mark (both the old Mark and the current) and they’ve run 87, and even 85 in the mountains, for several hundred thousand miles with zero problems.
Spark plug examination (which is the tell-all) has always shown things to be fine.

I think the manual on an RDX says premium’s required. I think.

We first had 91 gas here and without me knowing all of these years, I had no idea they downgraded, so it shows how much I knew as my babay still runs fine, yet I rather get it right and start literally paying like everyone else the correct way

It says so on their website