Cadillac SRX V6 2004

Hello. I need some advices about buying a used Cadillac SRX V6. Model 2004. I havnt checked it yet but it seems to have a low mileage on it. Lower than 100k miles.
I would apreciate some advices about it before i buy it.
The owner sent me pics and it is really cool SUV. which is what i really need. A 7 seated SUV and not expensive

Look up issues on the SRX here:

ANY car you intend to purchase, especially a 14 year old one, have inspected by YOUR mechanic. Paid for by YOU. It will be the best money you’ll spend on a used car.


Was it advertised on line? If so, where?

Between 2011 and its last year, 2016, its reliability ratings vary between average and much worse than average - Consumer Reports April 2019 issue. [The pre-2011 ratings are not in this issue, but may be available on line or at the library.]

Isn’t there a conflict between really needing a really cool SUV, and asking 14 year vehicle with a spotty reliability record to meet that need? What do you need your vehicle to do, and are reliability and manageable cost of ownership also needed?

Cadillac and not expensive describing the same car, doesn’t sound like a something I’d be interested in.

If you really need 7 passenger capability then you should be looking at mini vans. Better fuel usage - more cargo space - easier to get in and out because of sliding door .

Some how I don’t put Cool and Cadillac SUV in the same sentence.

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Unless you’re willing to pony up for a 2007 or newer Highlander or a newer Pilot, I have to agree with @VOLVO_V70 , a minivan is going to be your best bet. A 2007-2010 Explorer with the 3 valve 4.6L would be a decent choice as well, and probably cheaper than the Toyota or Honda. But finding any of those with less than 100k on the clock isn’t going to be easy.

Ask your own mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection, beyond the normal stuff (like making sure the A/T shifts quickly and smoothly in all gears, vehicle tracks straight down the road w/out pulling, vibrations, weird noises, etc) suggest check the common problem areas, cat, fuel filler cap, door latches, ww wiper motor, ignition switch, transmission shifter mechanism, electronic throttle/pedal mechanism, suspension control arms, control arm/knuckle interface, engine oil consumption, rear axle noises & clunks when turning etc. A 2wd fewer option version will likely have fewer reliability problems than a full option awd version.

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I just need the 7 seats… but i may consider holding up to my Pontiac Bonneville with all its issues!
Still considering…
That SRX is considered cheap in my country. Owner dropped to 6000$ for that 2004 model. Was a bit tempting. I have other choices such as the Honda Pilot. But it would cost at least 10k here in Lebanon for a 2005 or 2006 model!
Minivans are really good choice. But as for my budget id fall for a minivan with a huge mileage on it…! I must try to add more budget into it… old cars sucks u guys are right!
Gotta talk to the bank lol

i park at rear of my building next to bank of windows. my equinox is 6’ from my face. guy next to my office has a 2010 srx. parks next to me daily. odd headlights. not sure i like them. though the nox headlights are goofy too. same basic guts but he has the 3.6 dohc motor which is known for uh, issues with the timing chains. our 2016 work equinox has same motor and warranty but dealer says the chain rattle is ok. its about a $2k job to change timing chain. i did find a 08 nox sport with the 3.6 but it has a chain rattle. seller wants 1800 for it. wont budge

Yes i saw at least a dozen complains about timing chains while googling
Also some issues about throttle body and card accelerating while stepping on the brakes abd ppl got hurt!
I think im done. Will not consider buying this car!
Didnt see any positive review!
Thank you all for helping. I guess i will hold on to my Bonneville for a while. And i may look for a newer 7 seat vehicle and get back for advice!

You might also consider a vehicle that will have better local support in your country than an expensive imported luxury vehicle.

I think all automobiles are imported to Lebanon. Parts availability is a function of how mature the distribution network is for the brands that are sold there. GM may, or may not, have a better network than Asian brands.

Indeed. Most GM parts are available used and new. Yes, we dont manufacture cars so everything is imported new or used to 7 years back.
But the difference is that the labor charges are much cheaper here. Lets say u want to rebuild a transmission. U will pay only extra 200$ cost for the rebuilding plus the cost of the parts!
Timing belt work will cost roughly 100$ labor plus the timing chain cost and the related seals…