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Cadillac northstar coolant loss

i have a 99 cadillac northstar v8 and it keeps losing coolant at a rate of several ounces per day.i can not find where it is going. my mechanic put it on a pressure test and did not find it. i can smell coolant when i park the car and sometimes when driving.there is no coolant on the tailpipes and i do not detect steam in the coolant on the garage floor either. any suggestions?

The heater core leaking is highly likely suspect.

When is the last time you changed the water pump? Hope you don’t have a head gasket leak.

thanks for the reply.water pump is 2009 maybe 8000 miles. i am having a mechanic check to see if the head gaskets are leaking tomorrow. if so i wont have it repaired,its not worth it.

you were right. it is the water pump only 6000 miles on the last one.never use rebuilts. this time a new one with a lifetime warranty is going in.the last one was a one year warranty. it lasted 1 year and 3 weeks.