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Cadillac humming noise

10 yr old, 100,000 miles, Cadillac Escalade developed a humming sound in the front when going 48 mph or faster. Sound is either on or off, and volume does not change with increased speed.

Dealer shop thinks it drive train, but can’t find the cause.

Any thoughts? Thanks

The top two causes of a steady hum at highway speeds are irregularly worn tires or wheel bearings. Does the sound change when going around curves?

It may sound simplistic but see if the noise goes away if you remove the radio antenna.

The tires are a little wavy, but OK.
The noise will stop on a curve, but only if I slow down to 45 nph. Why do you ask about curves?

It does sound like wind sound. I’ll take off the anteanna and see.

It’s not the anteanna.
But that makes me think. They adjusted the hood latch, because hood would pop up an inch, then slam down, when I met an oncoming semi on a 2 lane road. Maybe the hood has a slight gap that makes the noise from the wind? If we get a windstorm in Peoria, I’ll see if that makes a difference.

You say your tires are worn “a little wavy”? That’s all it takes to create road noise.

Try switching the fronts with the rears and see if the noise changes.

I had them rotated twice, once by Cadillac dealer and once by my tire store. Noise didn’t change.
Cadillac dealer had the car for the third time, and said they don’t know what it is, but all systems are GO, and I should not have any functional problem. I’ll take it on a 400 mile trip, and report back.
Thanks for your input.

Just drove 400 miles. Noise still there, but car functioned well.