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Cadillac escalade

Does anbody know if there is such a thing as a good year for this suv or a bad year?

its a GM product all years are bad.

It’s based on GM’s line of full-size SUVs, and GM’s had a decent reputation for making decent SUVs. I’d say any year is fine.

As with any good wine, it depends on many variables, such as temperatures, soil conditions, rain fail, even winds. Of course, the way the grapes are harvested, processed, and vatted greatly affect all of those wonderful qualities of a great wine!

The Cadillac Escalade Vineyards are consistent in producing some of the best wines every year. There hasn’t been a bad year. In fact, some of their wines, in different years, have been considered great wines! Don’t be afraid to serve this wine to your guests from any year! Enjoy!

First thing I would worry about is the gas bills.
If you are okay with that:
Escalade has a good engine and transmission. I would be leery of the electronics. Inspite of the high price, GM really scrapped the bottom of the barrel when looking for electronics. A friend has a new 08 Silverado, which shares a lot of components with the escalade and one week after he bought it the electrical connector in the main harness worked itself loose. After it was snapped back in it has stayed in place so far for the last 5 months. So expect shoddy workmanship, panels might not match exactly etc.
If you are planning on using it as a wagon then it is not bad. If you are however thinking about going offroad then stay away from this vehicle. All that shiny exterior doesnt like to mix it in with the twigs and the mud.
If you are prepared for this, then go for the vehicle, the year doesnt matter, they are all uniformly average. More than likely you will not see a vehicle disabling event (unless you have a loose harness) but expect to see many gadgets quit working over the life of the vehicle.
Hope this helps.
PS: If you wait one year and are really in need of an SUV, there are many coming out in 2010 with Diesels. That might be a better way to go. You can also look at a used Land Cruiser, that is a good allround vehicle.

Every year is a good year for the Escalade. Just check out your local chop-shop and see how many are in there that were stolen recently or are being turned into drug running vehicles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it is the vehicle of choice for Urban Purveyors of Controlled Dangerous Substances, despite the fact that it is essentially just a dressed-up Chevrolet!

Cadillac has had excellent dependability for many years. Add to that GM’s excellent record on trucks, and the Escalade should be good for you. Provided, of course that the pevious owner took care of it.