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Cadillac CTS tune up

Today I took my 2011 Cadillac CTS4 in due to concerns over a shutter and brief blinking CEL. I had stopped at AutoZone but they didn’t come up with any codes. Welly normal car place did a diagnosis and said they got a P0300 code with it showing three cylinders misfiring.
They recommended a full “tune up” with a cleaning of the fuel injection and the throttle body unit.
I decided to go with third advise for the full tune up and cleaning. Is a tune up and cleaning the right choice?

“Tuneup” is an obsolete term. It has no clear meaning any more.

What are the normal maintenance items listed in your manual? Have they all been done on schedule? Those might be what they meant by “tuneup” but you deserve to be told more specifically what they propose to do and why.

Missing on three cylinders? My hunch is electrical, not a need for cleaning. But I don’t know your car and its history. Good luck and please keep us informed.


Thanks, according to my manual it shows a tune up which is new coils and spark plugs. The cleaning was my request as the car had 82000 miles and it wasn’t that much and the mechanic said the throttle body was needing it.